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Quality Signs

Advertise your business or add personalized graphics, signs to your cars, trucks, trailers as well as boats using our customvinyldecals.

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Easy to install, durable, our decals give you the most flexibility when it comes to personalizing your business or vehicles as well as boats. Our vinyl decals can be installed directly on your automobile's window, door panel, or as a partial vehicle wrap.

Using vinyl on a car, truck,trailers or boat should not damage the paint job of the vehicle or boat as long as removal is done carefully and correctly look great and are durable and long-lasting. They're formulated for commercial and industrial applications and will withstand severe weather and handling conditions. If you need your decals to be around for a while, this is it.

With proper care and placement your cars, trucks, trailers as well as boats decal can last for 5+ years. This lifespan will be impacted by usage and the situation in which it is used. For example, decals used for exterior use and used in harsh climates may have a shorter lifespan. Those used on a display car that is inside at all times will obviously last much longer. They truly are a durable solution regardless of the usage.


Thickness: .2.5mil;

Details:  High-tac, easy to install;

Uses: Indoor/Outdoor. Business storefronts, windows, walls, home décor, ,High traffic areas, machinery, vehicle bodies(CARS,TRUCK,TRAILERS,BOATS);

Method: Print or Cut;

Estimated Lifespan: 5+ years with proper installation and care;

Common Sizes: Custom;

Cut Signs - $25 for 2 door set;

Full Print - $35 for 2 door set;

Magnetic decals - $50 for 2 door set; 

               For more info: (571) 214-2446
               Email: QTRsigns@gmail.com

Quality Signs

29 E Palatine Rd,
Prospect Heights, IL 60070

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